Who We Are

iTrust Federal Credit Union was chartered August 17, 1971 to service the employees of the Memphis Service Center of the IRS.

The unique character of all credit unions is the volunteer service. Volunteers are people that you know and work with every day that go the extra distance to give of their time and effort to serve on the board of directors or committees to represent your ideas in a concerted effort.

Our member's needs always come first, because, ultimately, our members run things around here.

What makes your credit union different from other financial institutions? A lot. To begin with, members own the credit union. Therefore, all income received after operating expenses, and reserves is returned to the members in form of dividends, better interest rates or increased services. Because we are a non-profit organization, members, not a distant group of stockholders, get the benefits generated from their money.

Once a member, always a member!

In addition, your credit union is a democratic organization. It is governed by elected members who voluntarily serve on the Board of Directors. When officials are elected all members have one vote, regardless of the amount of money they have on deposit in the credit union.

Your credit union has continually strived to offer benefits and services to you, the member. Our goal is to be the financial resource that members turn to for all their financial needs. Service to you, our member, is the only reason we exist.